Easily Hijack Your Competitor's Traffic and Skyrocket Your Leads, Sales and Clients!

Easily Hijack Your Competitor's Traffic and Skyrocket Your Leads, Sales and Clients!

"The Harder They Work, The More You Make"

  • Delivers 5X the visitors compared to traditional local keywords.
  • Faces minimal competition, often making you the top choice by default.
  • Offers a stable niche with little to no increase in competition over time.
  • Allows for rapid ranking improvements, even if you're new to SEO.

In select markets, we've dominated Google's first page using this method. Now, we're ready to share our secrets with you.

For over a decade, we've mastered the art of keyword optimization.

Yet, it's this new strategy, honed over the past 18 months, that has revolutionized our approach, now driving 49% of our 10,000+ monthly leads.

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Stop Competing, Start Dominating: The Secret Weapon to Diverting Competitor Traffic Directly to You!

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Benefits of Brand Jacking

Rules A Brand Jacker Lives By

Rules A Brand Jacker Lives By

In recent years Brand Jackers have gotten a bad rap and for good reason. Some Brand Jackers find ingenious ways of filtering their competitors Brand traffic only to Pretend they are the actual company the customer is looking for.  


When you aim to Jack another companies Brand search it's not to commit fraud and pretend to be that company, but instead, so you can service the customer honestly as yourself.  

People search Brand for many reasons, not just because they want that particular company. 

For Example:

  • They find a business card
  • Word of mouth recommendation 
  • They saw a sign with that companies name on 
  • They saw a sign written van 
  • They did work for a friend down the street  
  • They did work on their street

I could literally go on all day about how customers can find businesses searching for their Brand where they are not specifically looking for that company, but they know that company offers the service they are looking for.  

Example call that's OK:  Hi is this XYZ Plumbers? No but we offer the exact same service, how can I help you? 

Example call that's NOT OK: Hi is this XYZ Plumber? Yes how can I help you? 

Can you see how easy it is to convert customers calling for your competitors without actually being a scumbag?

If you are a true Brand Jacker you don't want to do shady dealing or trick prospects into working with you, instead be honest, tell them you offer the exact same service and do a great job for your customer. 

We don't Brand Jack to trick prospects, we Brand Jack to benefit from our competitors hard work by using clever marketing techniques to redirect their Brand traffic to us.